NFL Power Rankings Week 10: Focus on the Oakland Raiders

Over at my site——I do a weekly power ranking of all 32 NFL teams.  It's a hugely subjective process in which I try to account for a team's strength of schedule, margin of victory, good wins and bad losses.

Where do the Oakland Raiders currently rank after nine weeks of NFL action?

Last week I wrote that I usually try not to get too excited about any one victory, even in the case of blowout wins by huge margins, but what about when a team gets two lopsided victories in a row? That's when people should definitely stand up and take notice. 

The win on the road against Denver in Week 7 was very impressive, not just because of the score, but also taking into account where the game was played and the fact that the Broncos should know their divisional foe better than some other teams.

The win against Seattle in lopsided fashion in Week 8 was also impressive, though Seattle hasn't shown much lately.

I was looking forward to seeing what the Raiders were going to be able to do in Week 9 to follow up those two victories, especially against a Chiefs team who started out the season very well and is also a divisional opponent. 

A three point victory at home for the Raiders let me down a little bit. Not that I expected Oakland to keep up the string of big margins of victory, but I thought this was a good chance for Oakland to stomp down an opponent by a decent margin of victory.  Still, it was a victory, and the Chiefs are in the division, so it has to help their position in the league. By how much, though?

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