NFL Playoff Picture: Postseason Odds for Each AFC Bubble Team

Round 1-A of the playoffs begins this Sunday.  In this tournament, though, a win doesn’t guarantee advancement. 

Here are the five teams still fighting for the final two postseason seeds in the AFC, their odds and what needs to happen for them to sneak in.


Denver Broncos

With a win, the Denver Broncos are in.  In their house against an untalented Kansas City Chiefs squad, it’d be surprising if they didn’t take care of business.  Even if the Broncos do lose, though, they can still win the AFC West if the San Diego Chargers defeat the Oakland Raiders.

Odds: 75%


Cincinnati Bengals

With a win, the Cincinnati Bengals are in too, but their competition is about 10-times tougher than Denver’s.  Cincinnati is at home, but invading are the 11-4 Baltimore Ravens who are hungry to claim victory to the AFC North. 

If the Bengals can’t pull the upset, they’d need either the Jets and Raiders to lose or the Jets and Broncos to lose to make it to the postseason.

Odds: 50%

Oakland Raiders

It may be difficult for Raiders fans to stomach rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, but they may not need to.  If the Broncos win, Oakland can still earn the Wild Card with a win of their own and some help.  That help would include a loss by the Bengals and Titans or a loss by the Bengals and Jets.

Odds: 50%


Tennessee Titans

The Indianapolis Colts may just be the team that keeps the Tennessee Titans out of the playoffs.  Beating the Houston Texans will be hard enough for the Titans, but they need plenty of help as well. 

Write this down: they’d get in with a Jets win and Raiders loss, a Jets win and a Broncos loss, or a Jets loss and Raiders and Broncos win.


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