NFL Picks Week 14: Desperate Teams That Will Fall Short

Teams in a playoff race all need to plan on winning the rest of their games. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen for these teams.

Every one of these teams needs a win this week. Still, needing a win and getting one are two different things. 

This weekend's action will have these teams doing nothing more than looking for a lot of help for the season's final three games.


Chicago Bears

This team has been hit too hard by the injury bug. The defense is still good, but their offense won't put the kind of points on the board to keep them in contention. 

Say what you will Tim Tebow, but he's consistently found a way to win games. While I don't think he'll run wild over the Bears and their defense, the Broncos offense looks much better than the Bears'.

On top of that, Denver's defense is playing inspired football this year. Without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, Chicago will have a hard time moving the ball against that unit. 


Oakland Raiders

This team has fluctuated so much throughout the season, it's really amazing. But the finishing stretch of games is nothing short of brutal. That starts this week with the undefeated Packers.

Week 13 was the worst possible week for the Raiders' chances in Week 14. They lost, and the Packers were challenged. Green Bay now knows that they can be challenged. If they needed a wake up call, the Giants gave it to them. 

The Raiders don't have the defense to stand up to Green Bay and all of their weapons. This one will be ugly. 


New York Giants

Simply put, the Giants need to sweep the Cowboys to win the NFC East. That's not going to happen. New York's schedule has done them no favors, but this is a team whose luck is done. 

Their secondary is just too depleted and their linebackers are awful. They just don't...

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