NFL Mock Draft 2010 Fans Picks: Oakland Pick No. 8

Here at B/R we are lucky enough to have a community of fans who take pride in their teams and the players they draft.

With all the mock drafts that are popping up why not have a mock that lets the fans choose who their team should pick?

Here’s the list of the selections so far.

1. Rams take QB Jimmy Clausen

2. Lions take DT Ndamukong Suh

3. Buccaneers take DT Gerald McCoy

4. Redskins take OT Russell Okung

5. Chiefs take S Eric Berry

6. Seahawks take OT Bruce Campbell

7. Browns take CB Joe Haden

Okay Raider Nation it’s your turn. We know for you the draft can be a pretty tough time of the year. Al Davis built great teams a few decades ago, but seems to be out of touch with the new NFL.

We all know that Davis likes athletic guys, but for the silver and black to come back they’ll need some football players. Leaving Tom Cable in place will provide stability for the players. Now it’s time to draft some players that can provide some consistency for the coach.

So quick, before Al gets his heart set on the wrong guy, tell him who Raider Nation thinks can be the start of the return to glory!

Oakland is now on the clock. Voting will close in 24 hours.


The Rules: Each day for the next 30 days we’ll post a continuation of this article at 6 pm eastern time where the fans can comment, discuss, and decide who their team will pick.

At 5 pm Eastern the following day we’ll look at the most well thought out comments and opinions and announce the selection you have made along with the next team who will pick at 6 pm A list of previous selections will be included and fans will not be allowed to vote for players who are already off the board.

Note: you do not have to use the player’s full name in voting for your vote to count and if there is a...

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