NFL Labor Peace is Imperative for Oakland Raiders’ Al Davis

Al Davis is a living legend, an icon of both the NFL and California who has influenced the growth of the game of football as a coach, personnel man, and general manager before taking all those hats and more and moving into the owner's box.

Al Davis has stood up for the little guy, himself, his team, his city and his beliefs. He's sued the NFL; he's been sued by the NFL. In short, he is not one to shy away from controversy or tough negotiations, and he's certainly not one to give in.

The Raiders owner remains one of the most astute and knowledgeable football men on the planet. Many of the team's recent draft choices, free agent moves, and coaching hires have been met with a mixture of skepticism and head-scratching, but that doesn't change the fact that Al's mind is as sharp as ever.

It's his body that is failing him. 

I don't profess to know his health status, nor am I a medical professional, but as his appearance deteriorates with each passing press conference, I am making what I feel is a safe assumption. Al Davis does not look healthy.

That, I believe, has been the motivation behind some of the more interesting moves that have not panned out. That is why he has shown no patience with coaches this decade; that is why he's risked it all on draft choices like JaMarcus Russell. He wants to win before he can no longer enjoy it.

Al Davis has made it no secret that he has no plans to step down from the Raiders. He's maintained that he'll own and run this team until he either can no longer do so due to health, or until the Raiders win two more Super Bowls. Anything short of those two factors, and we can expect to see Al in the booth.

He was instrumental in getting the previous CBA (the one that is now expiring) signed. His relationship with commissioner Paul Tagliabue and NFLPA President Gene Upshaw was a catalyst in ensuring labour peace until now.

But Al is tired. He ha...

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