NFL Free Agency: Why Oakland Raiders Will Regret Not Re-Signing Jason Campbell

The arrival of Carson Palmer in Oakland signaled the end of Jason Campbell's time in the Bay Area. The Raiders will regret allowing Campbell to leave via free agency at some point this season. 

Campbell would have helped the Raiders win more football games this season than Palmer ultimately will lead them to this year.

If Campbell had never gotten injured, then Oakland probably would have represented the AFC West in the playoffs last season

Campbell led the Raiders to a 3-2 record, having just beaten the Houston Texans, in Houston. This victory would be the only time the Raiders would be a team that finished the season with a winning record.

Statistically Campbell wasn't excellent last year; in six starts he compiled 1,170 yards to go along with six touchdowns against just four interceptions. 

Although his numbers weren't great, Campbell was judicious with the ball. He kept his team in the game by not turning it over; this was something that Palmer had a very difficult time doing once he took over in Oakland. 

In his 10 starts, Palmer threw 16 interceptions and led the Raiders to a 4-6 record and caused the team to miss the playoffs. No one watching Palmer last year would describe his decision making as judicious. A more suitable word for Palmer's decision making would be reckless or careless.

Palmer was brought in to help the Raiders win the weak AFC West, but they squandered their chance losing four of their last five games. During that five-game stretch, with the exception of their loss to Detroit, Palmer did not play well. He threw one more interception than touchdown pass and the only team they beat during that stretch was the Chiefs in overtime.

The Raiders employ one of the NFL's better backs, that back being Darren McFadden, and should look to use him as much as possible.

Palmer's skill set demands for an offense based more on the pas...

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