NFL Draft: Why Drafting Geno Smith Makes No Sense for the Oakland Raiders

It is the time of year when there is a lot of speculation about the upcoming NFL draft, and there is new speculation that Geno Smith is high on the Raiders' radar in the wake of Alex Smith joining the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs were thought to be targeting Geno Smith with the first overall pick in April's draft, but they are going with a different Smith in Alex Smith.  With the trade for Alex Smith, the door opens for Geno Smith to fall to the Raiders at the third pick.

It is early in the offseason and the draft is still a couple months away, but this speculation has a lot of people talking.

I will join the people with my input and say that Geno Smith would be a horrible pick by the Raiders with the third overall pick.

First of all, the Raiders already have two quarterbacks who are worthy of being the team's starter either now or in the very near future in Carson Palmer and Terrelle Pryor. Why would the Raiders add a third big-name QB to that mix?

It is an especially bad idea when you consider that the Raiders would be putting a lot of money towards the position when they are in a salary cap squeeze and have a lot of other needs.  Even if Palmer was released, he would be over $9 million against the cap in dead money, per

With the Raiders, the need is strictly on defense. The biggest need on offense was a new offensive coordinator bringing back the good old power-blocking scheme that worked for the Raiders so well in 2010-11.

Whether it is pass rush, a middle linebacker or a defensive back, the Raiders' top priorities are on defense.

It would also be rolling the dice to take Smith with the third overall pick. Any time a team takes a quarterback that high, the stakes are huge because of what a large investment it is. Not to mention that the Raiders already have someone to watch to be their franchise quarterback—...

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