NFL Draft in the 21st Century: Ranking The Biggest Busts of Past 10 Years

With the plethora of talent available to general managers during the NFL draft, there are bound to be a throng of players who just can't cut it.

Owners invest millions of dollars into a potential star and pray every night that he develops into a face of the franchise.

Unfortunately, most of the time they won't prosper and those drafted highest are known in history as busts when they fail.

Whether it be based on draft position or comparisons to those drafted after, players are labeled busts for varying reason. To properly grade the busts, we must take into account draft position, expectations and the production of those drafted after. 

In the past ten years, there have been significant busts that have cost teams years of rebuilding. We will start at the turn of the century, where a change in philosophy made way for more picks based on potential and less concerning production. 

Many scouts believe that they can find the next gem but most successful players come from the later rounds, rather than the unique athletes that are drafted early for their flashy attributes. Also known as the Al Davis method, drafting star athletes rarely leads to success.

Drafting smart football players who are tough and work hard is the key to winning. It is curious as to why teams don't follow this formula more. 

Here are the top 10 busts of the past decade. This may be a tough list to read if your team has failed in the draft for years (Lions, Browns), enduring many busts. Read with caution. 

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