NFL Draft 2011: Who Will Fall to Raiders at No. 48?

The NFL Draft is less than two weeks away. The Raider Nation is pretty much split on what they think the Raiders should do with their first pick. Some think we need to draft an offensive lineman. Others believe we should target a CB, in case Nnamdi Asomugha signs elsewhere. The Raiders ranked near the bottom in run defense (again), so they could use a player to help in that department as well.

With all that said, when it's time for the Raiders to make their selection at 48th overall, Al Davis will pick the player he believes will help the Raiders the most. What position the Raiders want to target remains to be seen. I think they'll take the best available player, in Davis' eyes, with their first pick. Here go a few players that are projected to go higher but could also very well slide right to the Raiders at #48.

Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 6'2" 215 lbs 

Although this is likely wishful thinking, it is possible that Smith could plummet down draft boards and still be available at #48. If he is on the board there is no doubt in my mind that Al Davis will draft him in a split-second. He has everything Al Davis loves in a CB: Size, speed and he is big enough to mix it up.

He likely will go somewhere in between the late first and early second round. It is also rumored that some teams have taken him off their boards completely. I know the Raiders aren't one of them.

Phil Taylor DT Baylor 6'3" 334 lbs

He is projected to go late in the first round. He does have a history of off the field issues though as well as a nagging foot condition, otherwise he might be getting picked in the first half of the first round. Richard Seymour and John Henderson missed a lot of snaps last season and neither one is getting any younger.  

The Raiders ranked near the bottom in run defense in 2010, so a big body like Taylor would go a long way in shoring things up in that department.  


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