NFL Draft 2011: Oakland Raiders Rumors, News and Speculation

The 2011 NFL Draft is getting closer, and given the forced void of free agent activity, it seems like it has been a long time coming.

There is just nothing else to talk about it when it comes to the NFL unless you are big on lockout talk, and I am not. I have locked out the lockout.

That is why I have spent the last three weeks blogging about the San Diego Chargers' draft. If you are just joining me, check right here for that coverage.

Now, let's prepare to move forward.

The Chargers' AFC West rival Oakland Raiders enter the draft as the only team without a pick in the first round. This, of course, leaves the possibility open that they will trade back up into the first round.

But is it worth it?

Oakland has multiple holes to fill, and this may not be the best time for them to sacrifice picks to go for just one player.

The popular sentiment throughout the world of NFL mock drafts is that the Raiders will go for an offensive lineman or a cornerback. There are also whispers they may have a few quarterbacks in their sights.

What are they going to do?

Feel free to throw in your opinions in the comments, and we'll get a good discussion going. Or if there is a prospect you are curious about, but are too lazy to investigate yourself, let me know, and I will put together an in-depth profile.


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