NFL Draft 2011: Oakland Raiders Rumors, News and Speculation

The 2011 NFL Draft continues to inch closer. Teams are preparing by bringing in prospects for visits and sorting out their draft boards.

And the Oakland Raiders do so as the only team in the draft without a pick in the first-round. This, of course, leaves the possibility open that they will trade back up into the first-round. But is it worth it?

They have mulitiple holes to fill, and this may not be the best time for them to sacrifice picks to go for just one player.

The popular sentiment throughout the world of NFL Mock Drafts is that the Raiders will go for a offensive linemen or a cornerback. There are also whisperings they may have a few quaterbacks in their sights. What are they going to do?

Only time will tell, and I'll be right here from now until the start of the draft to discuss that possibility and all other Raiders news and rumors while throwing in my own opinions. We'll have possible trade scenarios, prospect profiles and more.

This is a unique draft, as it is the first draft since the advent of free agency where teams will be selecting prior to signing free agents. So we can also speculate on who will be coming and who will be going.

If you are just joining me, we got this Raiders information snowball rolling last week. Check right here for all of that coverage, and share all of your thoughts in the comments right here.


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