NFL Direct Snaps: Tony Romo and Brett Favre Fall Victim To Injuries

Something is very wrong in Dallas.

Aside from being 1-5, now the Cowboys have to adjust to life without Tony Romo for the next six to eight weeks after a hit from the Giants' Michael Boley broke his collarbone last night.

And so, Wade Phillips and company must rely on 38-year-old Jon Kitna to right the sinking ship that is the Cowboys offense.

Given Kitna's age and the inability of a playmaker to step up on offense, the chances of a turnaround are slim to none.

But that's not the only story for week seven that I will recap. Brett Favre may miss his first game since the first Bush administration, and one team's performance absolutely shocked me.

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Five Things That Impressed Me About Week Seven

1. The Oakland Raiders

Longtime readers of my work will no doubt remember that I gave the Raiders no respect last year; I even went so far to say that they were an embarrassment to the NFL.

This year, I feel that they have turned a corner, especially on offense. Jason Campbell is a major upgrade over JaMarcus Russell, and Darren McFadden has finally started to deliver on some the promise he showed coming out of college.

On Sunday, propelled by McFadden's three touchdowns, the silver and black exploded for 59 points against the suddenly toothless Bronco defense.

I think it safe to say that the swagger has returned to Oakland. While I don't think it's enough to earn a playoff berth this year, they're finally moving in the right direction.


2. DeAngelo Hall

The Redskins speedy corner had a game for the ages on Sunday. He clearly took advantage of the fact that the Bears like to throw down the field, by picking off four passes and taking one to the house in Washington's 17-14 win over the Bears.


3. David Bowens<...

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