Negative To a Positive: Could Arrest Do JaMarcus Russell’s Career Good?

If it's humor you want, then become an NFL fan—the league has plenty of it.

If it isn't Terrell Owens still struggling to find a contract, it's young JaMarcus Russell making mistake after mistake as he further digs himself a deeper hole to climb out of.

Okay, so not everyone finds these situations funny, but surely each and every one of us has encountered that unsympathetic fan who chuckles a little in regards to Russell's latest arrest, right?

I know I have. 

Therefore, it got me to thinking—why do people find Russell such a funny character in modern day football?

I mean, sure, he has packed on a few pounds, and Mel Kiper Jr.'s absurd prediction of "He could be the next John Elway" has gone totally south in a very short amount of time, but why is it that everyone feels they have to contribute their two cents when it comes to this young man?

I guess a lot of it is to do with Russell perhaps going down as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history, behind Ryan Leaf of course.  It's not only that; it also has to do with his overall lack of displayed talent in recent years, as he has continually struggled to throw the ball, at least while on his feet, anyway.

Now, before you go ahead and criticize me one way or another, let me make one thing very clear: I am not sticking up for JaMarcus Russell in any way.  In fact, all I am trying to achieve here is to draw some kind of positive from the situation, as you and I both know that everyone is heavily focusing on negative right now.

So here is my thinking.  More than two days ago, I wrote a piece stating that Russell may strive off of sitting in the free agency pool for a year.  In fact, that very situation could help him sort his career out a little, and help him get back on track.

Of course, I did make that statement before JaMarcus Russell was thrown into the back of a police...

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