My Spring Hope Springs Eternal; The Raiders Will Win

Every year, about this time, my mind scrambles at thoughts of the coming NFL season.

Will Oakland be better? Playoffs? SUPERBOWL???

Well most years, as I say every year, my hopes are based on blind faith that one day the Raiders will return to glory. This year, as I say every year, is different.

I have enjoyed the past few months reading everyone's articles and keeping myself informed about my favorite team and its acquisitions and jettisons. In that time, I have fantasized repeatedly of hearing good news.

First, was the not-firing Tom Cable story, which nearly split my face in two with a smile. We are going to keep the same coach for more than one season?? Shortly after was the pick up of Hue Jackson. An obvious need, as Cable was swamped with responsibility. 

But enough politics. The REAL good news trickled in at a slow pace beginning on April 22, 2010. With the eighth overall pick, the Oakland Raiders select LB Rolando McClain, Alabama.

But Wait!

In the second round, Lamaar Houston??

Are we drafting based off of need??? Well according to ESPN, no such thing could ever happen, so this must be a fever dream.

As you all know we executed excellent drafting, and reached our climax with one brilliant move that will in my opinion, push us over the wall of misery. Jason Campbell, for a fourth round pick in 2012. 

Finally, a consistent option at Quarterback. If this man can stay on his feet, and with our OL acquisitions I think he should find that easier than in Washington, I believe he can shower our receivers with gifts of raining pigskin, and perhaps shower us fans, with Touchdowns and Victories.

As an Oakland Raider fan, I am tired of riding the pine while New England, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh Fans point and laugh at us from the huddle.

This year people, lets do what Al Davis would want us to do.


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