Mirror, Mirror on The Wall Who Has Joined Oakland Raiders’ Amy Trask?

Let's just say that I got lucky and discovered an article on women in the NFL. Once again, the uniqueness and even greatness of the Oakland Raiders is obvious. The Oakland Raiders' franchise is led, in part, by a woman who is smart and who worked her way up the ranks in the NFL.

Of course, someone had to hire her. Someone had to have a vision and foresight. Guess who that visionary is? Al Davis, of course.

Now, if the NFL would come up with an accolade to celebrate the historical move of placing Amy Trask as an NFL CEO, then the Oakland Raiders would acquire another trophy.

What would you name that trophy? Suggestions are encouraged and should be posted.

One thing is certain. The Oakland Raiders mindset is fearless and firm in giving those who qualify an opportunity to do a job. Can we say that of some of the other 31 teams?

Yes, there are more than about 80 women in jobs in the collection of 31 teams, but no team, to date, has placed a woman as high in rank as Trask.

Doesn't that tell you something about Al Davis and his leadership? He dares to do the right thing.

If you want to have integrity in America and in NFL sports you must remove some of the hindrances to women in  male-dominated professions, especially in the NFL.


I know about male dominance in studies at the doctoral level in mathematics. It is fierce. It is competitive. It is dominated by men, but women are making breakthroughs.

Parallel to the breakthroughs in the professions that require women and men to have fine minds and discipline, there must be more advances and a crushing, crumbling, and tackling of barriers in the NFL.

It is good that Trask is a CEO, but since she has held that post for some time now, why haven't other teams had the foresight and courage to add others to the zenith position of management of an NFL...

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