Mike Mitchell: How Will the Oakland Raiders Get Him More Playing Time?

There was an article in the Contra Costa Times by Jerry Mac entitled, "Camp Questions: How Good Is Mike Mitchell?"

I wanted to take a moment and expound on the part where he asked, "Where does he fit in?"

Well, we know he has played both safety positions in college, and so far (due to his hamstring injury) he has mainly been on special teams and in some run downs.

I like the ferociousness that he plays with, but the story on him is that sometimes he misses tackles while looking for the big hit.

Now we have a decent free safety in Michael Huff, who is showing more promise as of late but plays the pass better than the run.

I believe that Mitchell plays the run better than the pass, which is why he is listed as strong safety to play closer to the line.

The problem for me is that I like him and Tyvon.

Tyvon is a much better at covering slot receivers and tight ends, and he tackles very well. But he isn't FEARED .

Mike Mitchell can strike fear in receivers and running backs that could really rattle an opponents cage. But I don't want us to give up a big play because Mitchell went for the kill and missed instead of just playing it safe and smart by going for the tackle.

What about this? What if on certain situations (like running downs or short pass plays) we moved Tyvon to corner and put Mitchell in at strong safety.

Tyvon could replace Chris Johnson sometimes. He has the quickness to play corner and he can cover and tackle so it's not impossible.

It would give a different look to the opposing offense.

I know we have all seen this before but enjoy his best hits here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGNV5WG4k7M

What do you guys think is the best way to get Mitchell more playing time? Comment if you like.

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