Mike Leach Rides Lubbock Railroad All the Way To NFL’s Oakland Raiders?

Fired Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach—who was terminated for allegedly punishing backup wide receiver Adam James for having a concussion—has been relatively quiet since giving his side of the story to ESPN's Rece Davis. 

Things might be about to heat up as rumors are surfacing that Al Davis is considering Leach to replace head coach Tom Cable, who will apparently be fired as expected.

There is no confirmation yet for the other rumor that "sheds" have been ordered in small, medium, and Jamarcus sizes, perhaps Leach can borrow some from Lubbock.

Since Leach has said that he will always be a Raider, it does seem fitting that Leach would trade Texas Tech Red for Oakland Silver.  The new boss will likely not shy away from controversy if his history means anything. 

He also loves to innovate and the NFL hasn't seen anything like Leach since June Jones took off for the Big Island.  With a strong-armed quarterback and the type of athletes Okland has on offense the Air Raid just might be able to drop some bombs in the Big League.  

This might get interesting, stay tuned. 

Update to a related story: In what might forever be known as the "Lubbock Railroad", Leach and his attorney, Ted Liggett, have made it clear he intends to litigate the breach of contract dispute and possible wrongful termination.

As details emerge, the initial story—which sounded like the Blair Witch meets Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq—is beginning to look more like a minor disciplinary action taken by a coach against a young man with questionable motives, who was being used as an excuse for an administrative department at a university looking to carry out a year-long plan to rid itself of an outsider they no longer found useful. 

For starters, the "shed" Adam Jame...

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