Mike Iupati To The Raiders: Could Al Davis Shock The World Once Again?

In the current state of the NFL, it's rare that you find an offensive guard selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. So for it to happen within the first ten picks would be a shocker of almost biblical proportions.

It comes as no surprise then that the man making the pick could be none other than Al Davis, an owner certainly known for his unpredictability.

Davis' Oakland Raiders are one of the true wildcards of the top ten this year. At the number eight spot it seems no one is quite sure which direction they'll lean.

Many have tagged Bruce Campbell, the humongous offensive tackle from Maryland, as the pick for Al Davis, citing his love of supposed "workout warriors."

Those expecting that to happen though are not only foolish but extremely unrealistic.

The holes in Campbell's game simply make him ill-equipped for a top ten pick. No matter how good his combine may have been, Davis could not justify taking what could be the sixth rated offensive tackle on many team's boards with the number eight selection in the draft.

The more logical scenario could be to go with Mike Iupati, the monstrous and mauling offensive guard from Idaho.

The Raiders sure need help along the offensive line and Iupati offers the versatility to play either guard or right tackle in the NFL.

Head Coach Tom Cable could make a power-play to bring in the big Samoan, who just so happens to hail from Cable's alma mater, the Idaho Vandals.

The draft "gurus" would definitley call it a reach, but they may have a tough time criticizing Davis this go 'round. The Raiders have a huge need for offensive line help and many of the "gurus" have cited Iupati as one of the most solid and well equipped prospects in the entire draft class.

No one knows what Davis will do at eight and it should be one of the more interesting storylines to watch unfold on Thursday night.

One thing is...

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