Michael Vick and the Oakland Raiders? It’s Almost Too Perfect Not to Happen

Yes, the Raiders should seriously consider signing or trading for Michael Vick. It would greatly benifit all parties involved.

Contrary to popular belief, Vick was not neccesarily signed to a two year deal.

He was signed to a one year deal with a second year option. And it's becoming more and more likely that the Eagles are going to choose not to honor the 2nd year option. It's even more apparent he won't be in an Eagle uniform next year.

Even if he is, it would still be worth it to trade for him. The Raiders could easily offer up a third rounder, or a package deal where the two teams swap first rounders and send Vick to Oakland.

Should the Raiders really covet that top 10 draft pick? Look at their drafting history. In the past 10 years, only two players taken in the first round were able to immediately help the team: Napoleon Harris and Sebastian Janikowski.

If the Raiders were able to trade out of the top 10, at least if they missed in the 1st round again, it wouldn't cost as much this time. And the Eagles? They would be able to move up and land one of the top talents in the draft. The team seems to be a few key players away from going to the Super Bowl.

I can already hear the arguments against Vick by Raider fans:

The Raiders don't need that kind of distraction in the locker room.

He was never really that great of a QB.

Tony Dungy advised him against coming to the Raiders.

He doesn't match the mold of players Tom Cable is trying to bring in.

And then even the most ridiculous argument of them all: "What about Bruce Gradkowski?"

C'mon guys. Do you really believe any of that?

If anyone within the Raiders' front office gave a damn about distractions, please explain to me why the Raiders are yet to anounce Tom Cable as the head coach, Al Davis and John Herrara constantly play childish games with the media, or...

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