Michael Bush: Ambush, Bushwack, or Beat the Bushes of Opponents?

In some cultures a man's name somehow directs his destiny.

What might the name "Bush" mean for Michael Bush, an Oakland Raider who managed to increase his statistics from 2008 to 2009?

Let's take a look.

Here is a portion of Bush's data:

We certainly don't want to focus on "beating around the bush," which means that we don't get to the point.

Here is what we want: In the 2010 season let our guys ambush the opponent and get touchdowns to the dismay of the opponent. That's stating it bluntly and directly.

Also, we don't want to focus on "to beat the bushes for," which is, perhaps, the original phrase from which "beating around the bush" was derived.

So, we will not even consider that our Oakland Raiders are out there "seeking something with very little effort."

No, no, no. We expect them to put forth great effort, win more games, and, of course, get more touchdowns.

It was a good thing that we had an excellent kicker in 2009, but we want touchdowns, don't we?

So, Michael Bush, your name has inspired us to look at deeper meanings, and here is what we conclude:

1. Do not play "to beat the bushes for" but rather play ball and "seek a victory with a great deal of effort".

2. Do some "bushwacking" out there on the playing field. In other words, "make your way through, let us say, a thick defense of the opponent by cutting away "bushes and branches."

Be alert enough and agile enough to work your way through any "crack" or "hole" in the opponent's defense. Play ball, Oakland Raiders!

3. Do "ambush" the opponent in 2010. Return to the aggressive, smart, and quick-thinking Oakland Raiders that we know you can be.

So, when you think of Michael Bush, think of an Oakland Raider who will ambush the opponent and get in there to increase his statistics and our team's victories so mu...

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