Miami Dolphins Dismantle Oakland Raiders: Raider Offense Pathetic Again

The injury riddled Oakland Raiders were trounced 33-17 by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday in Oakland. The score doesn't tell the story of just how lopsided this game was.

The Raiders offense got spanked all over the field and did nothing to help the defense out.

I didn't get to watch this game on television. This is a fact I'm grateful for, because listening to it on the internet was painful enough.

Based on the stats and what I heard from Greg Papa and Tom Flores, this game came down to two statistics. Time of possession and turnovers. Both of these critical stats were squarely in the favor of the Dolphins.

If not for the presence of Jacoby Ford, the Raiders wouldn't have scored at all. Louis Murphy had some nice stats, but most of it was earned in "garbage time."

Darren McFadden and the run game never got going, Bruce Gradkowski got the start and played horribly and the defense was on the field entirely too much to be successful.

In short, the offense let the team—and the home crowd—down.

In this slide show, I'll once again begin with the good news. The other nine slides will be devoted to trying to make sense of the Raiders' recent decline.

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