Message To Al Davis: Bring Dennis Dixon Home!

Dennis Dixon was born on Jan. 11th, 1985 in San Leandro, a small city just minutes away from Oakland. Growing up in the city, Dixon attended San Leandro High School, home of the San Leandro Pirates.

Dixon made the high school varsity team in his sophomore year and started at quarterback the rest of his high school career. As the starter, he led the Pirates to three straight championship games in the North Coast Section against De La Salle, one of the best high school football teams ever.

As a recruit, Dixon was scouted to play both football and baseball.

He declared to Oregon as a football player, while being drafted to the Cincinnati Reds in baseball. However, he did not pursue his baseball career until later in his college years.

In his first two years at Oregon, Dixon threw for 850 yards, six touchdowns, and three interceptions.

Before his junior year, Dennis was named the full-time starter for the Ducks. He started the season very well, but was burned out by the season's end, as he threw for over 2,100 yards, 12 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions.

Dixon was soon drafted again in the MLB Draft, this time in the fifth round by the Atlanta Braves. However, he was not able to produce very well and returned to play football in his senior year.

Similar to his junior year, Dixon's senior year started out phenomenal. He led the Ducks to a 4-0 start to open the season. After throwing two interceptions in the game against the Golden Bears, Dixon rebounded by leading his team to the redzone, only to lose on a fumble that went the other way.

From then on, as long as Dixon started, the Ducks could not lose; not even to powerhouse USC. After another win over Arizona State, the Ducks found themselves No. two in the BSC Poll Rankings.

Tragedy struck Dixon early in his next game. Though rushing for a touchdown early, a previous injury seemed to not have healed as Dixon re-...

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