Meet The Raiders Practice Squad: And Associated Rumours

The Raiders practice squad was posted on the team's official site today, and contained little surprises to those who have been following then during pre-season.

A number of players cut by the Raiders yesterday cleared waivers and were resigned today. The practice squad has a limit has a limit of eight players, all of who have to be in their first two years in the league, and not have played any more than nine games on a team's active roster.

This year's squad comprises of Stevie Brown (S), Manase Tonga(FB), Slade Norris (LB), Kellen Heard (DT), Alex Parsons (OL), Joe Porter (CB), and Shaun Bodiford (WR).

A surprise omission is safety Jerome Boyd, but there is still one place on the team and he may yet be signed.

The Raiders got lucky with Stevie Brown, who has shown well in camp, and made big play after big play in the pre-season games he played. Various twitter accounts are saying that if Brown doesn't get promoted to the active roster in a reasonable amount of time, he will sign elsewhere.

He has apparently already had calls from a number of other teams.

Rumours are rampant around the league that the coaching staff were big on Brown, and wanted to cut Mike Mitchell instead, but Al Davis stepped in and reversed the decision.

If these rumours are to be believed, no one on the coaching staff wants Mitchell to stay, and these feelings don't relate to his play but to an unspecified non football issue.

For now it appears that Mitchell is safe, but if Brown continues in practice the way he has all off season then Mitchell's reprieve could be short lived.

I have no real knowledge of whether these rumours are true or not, but the fact that Oakland dithered over the last roster spot after naming all there other cuts earlier in the day certainly gives them some credence.

In another set of roster moves, defensive ends Jay Richardson and Alex Daniels, together with cor...

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