Media and Fans Contribution to Demise of JaMarcus Russell

Lets get on things straight off the bat.

I am a JaMarcus Russell fan and apologist. I believe many fans made a big mistake by booing JaMarcus and making him not want to play here and forcing the hand of the Raiders to release JaMarcus by threatening to not buy tickets.

We once had another QB from Alabama (The Snake,) who had the fortune to sit and learn behind "the mad bomber," for five years before becoming the full time starter. The Snake also had a HOF supporting cast.

Stabler was one of the best QB of all time. He was also known for his all-night benders which in turn, allowed the Sports writers to have an excuse for not voting him into the HOF.

The media lynched Stabler as they have JaMarcus thus far. But mark my words, JaMarcus will be a great QB in the NFL someday. He took hits and kept fighting. He kept his cool at all times and led the Raiders to comebacks.

Between the media, inpatient fans, terrible O-line, rookie receivers, no running game, and bad game plans, JaMarcus never had a chance.


Media Bias

Across the bay, in 2005, like the Raiders and Russell, the 49ers took Alex Smith as the first overall No. One pick at QB. In Smith's rookie season he threw one TD and 11 Interceptions.

At no point in time did the media ever label him lazy or question his work ethic to any extent than that of Russell.

In 2006, Smith was sub-par at best. By the 2007 season Smith was supplanted by Trent Dilfer after completing less than 50 percent of his passes and a 57.2 passer rating.

Like Russell, Alex Smith was in his third year. Even after being benched for one of the worst QB's to ever put on a uniform (Trent Dilfer,) at no point in time did the media ever label Alex Smith as the "all-time bust."

In 2008, the 49ers threatened to release Alex Smith then both parties agreed to restructure his contract. Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders