McNabb Proves ESPN Are Liars

Yet another perfect example of when "so called" fans team up with those who hate the Raiders to discredit the organization.
They believe anything ESPN reports even when it comes from unnamed sources.  Congratulations jerks!  You are the reason why ESPN gets away with
this organization bashing. Even today, the local papers are trying to sell this garbage thanks to you.

When McNabb was asked on ESPN Radio, What what you have done if you were traded to the Raiders?

I would have been working out and getting ready....
Would you have retired?  Mcnabb laughed..
See this is the problem with so called key analysts these smart guys that go by so called sources "close to" the individual but never the individual.
ESPN analysts tries to hush Mcnabb.. be careful your right in my wheelhouse right now..

You have no clue if the Raiders enquired about Mcnabb.  All you have is false reports and no proof.

We are a growing young team looking to build a Dynasty for 10 years.  Mcnabb was not an option.

How will you look when Jamarcus, MCFadden, Bush, Miller, Murphy, Mitchell and others begin beating the crap out the NFL?

You will look like the jerk that you are.

Go Raiders!


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