Marv Marinovich: ESPN Films'”Marinovich Project” Showcases Perfect Train Wreck

Marv Marinovich turning his son Todd Marinovich into a science experiment from birth is the perfect train wreck for ESPN Films to evaluate.

The "Marinovich Project" is sure to give us the inside look we've come to expect from ESPN Films and the extent of Marv Marinovich's training is sure to blow audiences away.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding the training regiment and the strict diet Todd Marinovich was on throughout his life. It will be interesting to see just how much of it is true and just how twisted this project actually was.

Would a father actually go to these lengths to groom the perfect quarterback from birth? What would happen if a quarterback was put in the "perfect" environment to be an NFL quarterback?

Of course, "Robo QB's" NFL career ended with him battling a serious drug problem that forced him to whither out of the league. This story of a kid who was so sheltered from everything that would hinder his ability to play football ends up being pushed completely over the edge.

This film has everything you would ever want in a docudrama. We'll see addiction, a crazily overbearing parent, a kid who saw success too soon and maybe even a happy ending when we're through with it.

This is one of the craziest stories in NFL history and with ESPN Films at the helm, we're sure to see a great film that will leave us talking about this controversial tale.

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