Marinovich Project: Sad Tale of Too Much Pressure Should Be a Lesson to Parents

While Todd Marinovich will claim that his parents loved him intensely and didn’t add unneeded pressure to his life, watching the film makes it abundantly clear that the former prospect’s childhood wasn’t normal.

Children need to be and act like other children, eat the same foods, do the same activities, but instead, Todd was exercising and become the person his father wanted him to become.

A true parent guides his children but ultimately lets them choose their own path. All of the pressure put on Todd by his father Marv Marinovich was too much for a young kid.

That’s where the drugs and alcohol came into play.

Marinovich told Bill Williamson of ESPN about why he wanted to do this movie and how making it has helped him move past it:

The last few years, I wanted to tell it. When I was presented the chance, I was a little apprehensive, but I wanted to do it. I’m happy with it and I hope people take from it whatever is personal to them. I wasn’t really trying to put out a message, but I wanted to give a better understanding of the human being part of it.

"The most disappointing aspect over the years has been the whole media experience, that I wasn’t portrayed as a human being. But that was lost in the shuffle and it sort of became a circus, the whole 'Robo QB' thing. I think this presents me as a human being. It’s a big weight that has been lifted.

It’s great to see that the younger Marinovich has turned his life around. My biggest question will be about how much pressure he puts on his own son now that he is raising his own children.

While I think the hard lessons learned through this process will keep him from making the same mistakes his father made, it’s hard to break the habits that you have followed your whole life.

Too much pressure can shrink even the biggest stars In the world, but t...

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