Manning Chooses Broncos: Oakland’s Richard Seymour Reacts with Humor and Earnest

With the announcement of Peyton Manning choosing the Denver Broncos as his team for the near future, there was reaction from fans and analysts alike.

I was actually sitting in my American History class when I got the word, and enjoyed the mixed reactions of my classmates. However, no one reacted with the same amount of humor as Raiders DT Richard Seymour.

When talking with NFL Network's Steve Wyche, Seymour joked that he 'already has enough sleepless nights with 5 kids, and now he has to worry about Peyton Manning'.

After, Seymour added having him in the league would 'in all seriousness make it better' and playing against Manning would 'provide a measuring stick for where you are as a defense to be the best.' 

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