Lifting Hands for a Successful Year for the Oakland Raiders

A few days ago the hands of a historical Oakland Raiders wide receiver were pictured, showing those hands holding an Oakland Raiders cap. That picture inspired a young artist who approached me today, July 16, 2010 to tell me that she wants to do an oil painting of those hands.

Those are the hands of a No. 81 of the Oakland Raiders, which happens to be the age of Al Davis in 2010. When the retired Oakland Raider was asked to pose his hands for another picture, the pose in this article is what he chose.

The young artist said she saw something more in those hands. I asked what, and she said she would express what she saw in her art.

I asked what size would her oil painting be. She said that she did not know. I asked what colors would she use. Again, she said she did not know.

I then knew that she was waiting for some type of inspiration. I also knew that I should not ask any more questions.

I don't know what the young artist saw in those hands. One thing I do know is that those hands caught many footballs. Those hands made many big plays for the Oakland Raiders during the late '60s. I know that those hands made the headlines of the Sports Section of the New York Times on Dec. 7, 1970.

Daryle Lamonica threw a 33-yard pass to the senior wide receiver, and those hands caught the football, making a score that tied the game during the last eight seconds. Afterwards, George Blanda kicked the ball and broke the tie. The Oakland Raiders experienced a miraculous change in the last eight seconds.

In those days, the Raider Nation always expected a change to come, during the last few moments of a game.

Those hands are the hands of a man who John Madden said was one of the most talented athletes he had ever coached.

Those are the hands of a man who at 67-years old believes that a change is going to come to the Oakland Raiders in 2010.

Those are the hands of a...

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