Life Without JaMarcus: Are The Raiders Going to Be Relevant in 2010?

Just a little while ago, while surfing the Internet, I came upon an article on NFL FanHouse, a normal place I go to when I look for some analysis.

On the homepage of my twitter account, the report read, "Tom Cable Says Raiders Are Better Off Without Russell".

Needless to say, I wasn't shocked.

So I did insist on reading the article, with the first sentence explaining how Russell's poor attitude and "lack of fire" caused the release. I actually believe Tom Cable feels this way—he is not just trying to make a name for himself on a national radio broadcast.

He needs to get all the credit in the world. After all, he was the one who decided to pull JaMarcus Russell from the starting spot in the middle of the season.

Despite Al Davis probably giving him an earful about it, Cable new it was best for the team to move on.

The Raiders did show more urgency toward the end of the season, with wins over the Steelers, Eagles, and a few other clubs.

The result was Tom Cable getting to keep his job, even with Adam Schefter reporting that a firing was going to happen within a week after the season.

What will the result be in 2010? Now thats a question that remains to be seen.

The rest of the FanHouse article states that Cable believes this can be a playoff team in 2010.

As a head coach you have to be optimistic, but the reality is the Raiders are being talked about much more often in the recent dead time in the NFL, only this time in a positive way.

Jason Campbell was acquired in a trade from the Washington Redskins, and now gets the fresh start he needs. He may not be a top ten quarterback in this league, but he can be the solid one that helps improve the Raiders in a dramatic way.

It also helps that he will stick with one offensive scheme, especially under new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.

Campbell should put up soli...

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