Leach To Raiders? Talk About a Match Made in Heav…Somewhere Else

The news of the rumor caught me by surprise at first. By at first I mean maybe three seconds tops.

If there has ever been two people made for each other, besides Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer, it's Al Davis and Mike Leach.

They're two peas in a pod. Compadres. Amigo's. Kindred Spirits. Brotha's from anotha motha.

How so, you ask?

Take the single-most eccentric NFL personality of the last 30 years (the approximate time Davis started going crazy) add in the craziest cat to roam the sidelines in college ever and you have a perfect match.

Davis's kiss-my-ring-if-you-dont-like-my-way attitude and Leach's never-say-sorry-for-sticking-a-kid-in-dark-shed-for-three-hours style should mesh perfectly.

Some would say it's a match made in heaven. I say the origins of this one are more likely a little to the south of there.

You've heard of the unholy trinity? If Leach is hired and turns to former Raider Bill Romanowski as his defensive coordinator, Satan might decide to call Davis and Leach up for pointers.

Really though, I think Leach to Oakland would be a great fit. Lord knows Davis hasn't been happy with anyone else who has tried to run his organization in the last few years.

I don't know how well Leach would work with QB JaMarcus Russell, but I'm sure that's  nothing a few hours locked in a dark room couldn't fix.

The sad thing is Davis could have virtually solidified this match last April when he had a chance to draft Michael Crabtree, arguably Leach's best player ever, but decided to take Darrius Heyward-Bey and his "upside" over the best WR college football had to offer.

Either way I think this deal gets done. There's just too much riding on the story for it not to happen.

And we all know if there's two guys that cherish the story it's these jokers.

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