Lane Kiffin on HBO’s Real Sports

USC Head Coach Lane Kiffin will be on HBO’s Real Sports on Tuesday, May 18 (10:00 p.m. ET/PT & 9:00 p.m. CT), exclusively on HBO.

Here’s a preview:

Just 35 years old, Lane Kiffin has already held more high-profile coaching jobs in football than most successful coaches do in a lifetime.  Since 2005, he has worked as USC Trojans offensive coordinator under Pete Carroll, head coach of the Oakland Raiders, head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers and, as of January 2010, head coach of the USC Trojans.  Though renowned for his uncanny ability to recruit talent and invigorate a football program, Kiffin has yet to deliver on expectations.  After controversial tenures and messy divorces in Oakland and Knoxville, Kiffin discusses his roller-coaster ride through coaching, including the reaction of Tennessee players and fans to his stunning departure, with correspondent Andrea Kremer in this REAL SPORTS/Sports Illustrated profile.   Interviews include Lane Kiffin, his wife Layla and his father and defensive coordinator Monte.

Producer:  Nick Dolin.

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