LaMarr Houston, The Raiders New Minister of Defense

In the glamorous world of the NFL, where quarterbacks’ girlfriends are coveted more than the guys in the trenches, who protect the skilled players—I’m reminded of a television show from the 1980’s titled the “Fall Guy,” which starred Lee Majors. The theme song, about the stunt man went: I’m the unknown stunt man who makes Eastwood look so fine.”


At times, the guys in the trenches are over-looked on the offensive as well as defensive side of the ball. When children are asked, “Who is your favorite NFL player,” children respond with a plethora of QB’s, RB’s, over-hyped, over-paid, self-indulged WR’s, but rarely if ever, does a child mention an offensive or defensive linemen.

When my memory takes me back to great Super Bowl moments, I too, think of great quarterback comebacks, but I never remember the left-tackle who prevented the sack. Nor he I remember the guys on defense who take a stand to give the great QBs, WRs, and RBs one more shot at glory.  

 In an ESPN Insider column Mel Kiper misspelled LaMarr Houston’s name after bashing the Oakland Raiders for drafting not drafting the heralded Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen. In return, Kiper graded the Raiders 2010 draft a C-plus, much lower than most NFL enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, the Raiders and their fans were overjoyed with their 44 pick LaMarr Houston.

 After Kiper used logical reasoning—instead of his slightly publicized Bro-mance with Clausen, he commented, “I'm honestly starting to think I really underrated this guy (Houston). I look at the measurables and in terms of combine tests, he's better almost across the board than Gerald McCoy. But that's just the athleticism. In terms of tackles for loss he also topped McCoy, playing a similar schedule in the Big 12…”

But Kiper isn’t the only...

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