Kyle Boller Shined Bright In Raiders-Seahawk Game, Sept 2

If anyone is concerned about the depth chart, you can feel better when you look at the Oakland Raiders quarterback position.

Jason Campbell is the starting quarterback. Kyle Boller and Bruce Gradkowski played in the Sept. 2 game and they both did a great job.

There is no doubt that there is still room for improvement, but the Oakland Raiders made a lot of people happy in the Raider Nation with the 3-1 win-loss record during preseason. It was a tremendous improvement over the 2009 preseason according to one writer in the comment strand.

The one thing that some of us want the Raiders to regain is the ability to pull through and win even if the team is lagging behind in the fourth quarter.

This time, during the Raiders-Seahawk game, some of that ability was demonstrated.

The Raider Nation should be proud about the performance of the quarterbacks during preseason. It looks like some of the problems in the quarterback position are diminished.

Data from an ESPN website sheds light on the four quarterbacks in the Sept. 2 game.

The Oakland Raiders quarterbacks had a total of 285 yards. The Seahawks quarterbacks had only 209 yards. The Raiders quarterbacks had a total of three touchdowns, while the Seahawks quarterback had one to his credit.

Things are looking up, but the team has to still toughen up for some strong competitors.

Oakland Raiders don't shy away from difficult circumstances. Remember when the Raiders defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to the surprise of many onlookers.

Don't be surprised if that type of surprise occurs again and again in 2010.

Go Raiders! Tackle the tough stuff and hang in there for victory, even if the takeover is in the fourth quarter.

Just win, baby!


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