Kyle Boller: Does He Deserve a Chance To Start?

On the weekend of the NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders traded for Jason Campbell from the Redskins.  Tom Cable would declare him the starter on opening day of training camp.

Later in the offseason, with Bruce Gradkowski injured, the Raiders signed free agent Kyle Boller.

At first, I felt that Boller was no more than a camp body who would be waived or released before the end of training camp, or preseason if he was lucky. 

Boller didn't seem to have a fair chance.  Campbell was named starter, Gradkowski had been impressive in 2009 with two big wins, and Charlie Frye was tendered as a restricted free agent.

But after watching the preseason play out, I have completely changed course on Kyle Boller after he sparked a comeback at Dallas and played a part in a win at Chicago.

I know what your saying, he did it against third stringers in the second half.  Well he led a second/third string offense to those wins, so it was all even.

On top of that, Campbell has struggled at times in the preseason.  After completing his first five passes in Chicago, he finished with a total of 10/20 without a TD pass and had one interception plus a fumble, but blame that on Chris Morris.

Boller spent last year with offensive coordinator Hue Jackson in Baltimore, so he would know the most about his play caller. 

I'm sure that Campbell will be the starter in week one and I think he will do a good job with this offense.  But if Campbell struggles, I will be calling for Kyle Boller.

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