Kirk Morrison: Will We See Him Again in 2010?

There are so many questions. Who starts? Who stays? Who gets shifted in a maze?

Kirk Morrison seems to keep the public informed on his Twitter page.

Although Morrison has re-signed with the Oakland Raiders, some say he may be traded during the week of the NFL draft. Why? He is blamed for some of the blunders in 2009.

If an increase in production is what we want, you have to admit that Morrison's data in the category "tackles" increased steadily for his third, fourth, and fifth years. In 2007 he had 96 tackles. In 2008 he had 99, and in 2009 he had 109.

Since 2001, the number of tackles have been consistently and officially recorded. Before 2001, the record of tackles was for amusement only.

Now that the record is official, it seems the tally of an increase in data ought to be somehow associated with the worth of the player. Is that data something we ought to consider in judging the effectiveness of a middle linebacker (MLB)?

He did not have many fumbles, either. In his third year, 2007, he had only one fumble, and in his fifth year he had only one.

Well, he is 28 years old, and maybe that's getting too old for a MLB with the Oakland Raiders.

How are decisions made in the Oakland Raiders' franchise? That's a tough question for most people, if not everyone.

One thing is worthy of consideration: Can we blame Morrison for all of our woes on the playing field? I think not.

On an NBC Sports statement it says that "The Raiders seem to blame their run defense problems directly on him."

Now most people warn me of the complexity of the dynamics on the playing field, so how can NBC Sports make such a statement?

It sounds like a blame game to me. Our offensive and defensive problems in 2009 were far more than a one man problem. That one man, Morrison, was in the midst of a conglomeration of flaws and faulty plays in 2009.


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