Kirk Morrison At A Crossroads: Should He Stay Or Should He Go Now?

It seems that Kirk Morrison's career as a Raider has come to a crossroads.  

In fact, it looks like he is on his way out either this year or next.  

Perhaps the Raiders spend an early pick at this position, which would all but seal his fate.  Perhaps the Giants sign him to a third round tender.  Or perhaps the Raiders finally get dominant DT play this year and he has a resurgence.  

So what do you think Raiders fans?  Is Kirk a scapegoat for bad DT play or is the saying "your defense only plays as fast as your MLB" right, and Kirk is just too slow?  

Before the debate begins let's take a quick look at some of Kirk Morrison's positives and negatives.   



1)  He's the team's leading tackler since being drafted.  

2)  He's a lifelong Raiders fan & he plays like he's living his dream.  

3)  His coverage skills are above average & it's a passing league these days.  

4)  His forty & short shuttle times puts him in the middle of the pack of prospects this year, right there with guys like Sean Weatherspoon.

5)  At roughly $2.5 million this year he comes relatively cheap.    



1)  Most of his tackles don't come at or behind the Line of Scrimmage.  

2)  He takes too long to disengage from other teams linemen.  

3)  His forty & short shuttle times are average.  Since when does Al settle for average speed for his defense?  

4)  His contract is almost up and he's going to want a salary equal to with his play (i.e. tackle stats). 

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