Kevin Curtis: The Right Man for the Job

Now that the speculation seems to be over about the Oakland Raiders getting the often disgruntled Terrell Owens, let's take a look at the veteran that appears to make sense in more ways than a few.

Kevin Curtis is the option that makes the most sense to come in and lead a very young group of recievers. Unlike T.O., Curtis is a team player that is unconcerned about the amount of balls that come his way. You won't have to worry about him throwing quarterbacks and play callers under the bus.

At 32, Curtis isn't that old. He has very good hands and runs good routes. Al Davis loves that he still has speed. In his best year, 2007, he accumulated over 1,100 yards (including 14 receptions over 20 yards, and four receptions over 40 yards).

Curtis' main drawback is that he has been hampered by injuries since 2007. But that won't stop him from leading this young group.

In the end, it makes perfect sense: A veteran deep threat teaches a group of young potentials.

Still doubtful?

Just look at what he's done for Desean Jackson. 

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