Kansas City Chiefs Should Put the Raiders in Their Place on Sunday

I think the Kansas City Chiefs should play this game like any other, play every starter and not let up for one minute until it's completely out of reach. 

That, of course, means until there's not a life of football breath left in the Oakland Raiders. 

I'd like to see the Chiefs pulling play-action passes to Dwayne Bowe in the end zone with a four-TD lead and 1:30 left on the clock.

The last time the Raiders had fewer than 11 losses—yes, you read that right, 11—was in 2002.  That's the year they represented the AFC in the Super Bowl, but we won't go into that, for the sake of Raider fans.

If they win on Sunday, they will have an 8-8 record, having swept the AFC West and giving them tremendous confidence and momentum going into next season.

I think it would behoove the Chiefs to keep them in their place at 7-9—it sounds so much better. 

Also, let's face it: at full strength, they have very little chance of beating the Chiefs in a sold out Arrowhead Stadium.

I think it is good for the Chiefs, the Raiders, the AFC West and all of the NFL and its fans that the rivalry of the Chiefs and Raiders appears to have returned.

All of this could be derailed if the old man who lives in the shoe fires Raiders head coach Tom Cable, replaces him with Herm Edwards, brings back JaMarcus Russell and drafts three wide receivers.  Then it's back to 3-13.  I, however, don't, see that happening. 

With that comes the annoyance of the pain in the ass Raider fans, complete with silver spikes through their brains and little skulls attached to their leather wannabe motorcycle gang jackets.

Why start that cycle of stupidity any sooner than necessary?  Look at the backlash of an OT win in Oakland.  The chest thumping started and the bravado went up a notch when the Chiefs got slapped the ...

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