K.I.S.S.S.: Keep It Simple Sports Scholars in Raider Nation


One thing most people like about simulations is that you can study the reactions of the process, algorithm or methodology by tweaking a few variables at a time.

Often you can study the Oakland Raiders' situation to know what works best: change the quarterback, change a coach, change a owner or change something.

Most of us agree that a change in head coach will be too drastic at this time in the Oakland Raiders franchise.

So, almost everyone is searching to find out which is the best variable or component to change in order to upgrade the standing of the NFL team.

Most of us in the Raider Nation believe that Al Davis is a constant. He ain't gonna change!

Our eyes shift to other members, components of this multi-variable system and some suggestions are complicated and complex.

There is an old saying in our communities which says: Keep it simple stupid, K.I.S.S.

I don't like the word "stupid", but I like the concept in a part of the saying. So, I have adapted the old saying and here is what we have:

Keep it simple, sports scholars! An extra "s" helps to put the concept in context with a good tone.

Years ago, I learned another concept from Prof. Don Small, a retired professor of mathematics at the United States Military Academy (West Point).

He said that we must teach people to "learn how to learn." That was a simple proclamation and it is something that can be done.

We must be in an ongoing process of searching for the right combination of changes that will optimize the functionality of the Oakland Raiders.

Each of us must "learn how to learn" and we must continue to study the situation with the Oakland Raiders.

Here are examples:

If JaMarcus Russell does not perform well during the offseason training period, then why should we expect him to perform well in the actual games i...

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