Josh McDaniels: A Thank You From Oakland Raider Fans Across the Nation

Josh McDaniels was recently fired and will no longer roam the sidelines in Denver. This is terrible news for the Oakland Raiders and their fans.

Before McDaniels came into Denver, the Raiders were the most dysfunctional team in the division and in the league.

In a short 23 months, McDaniels managed to turn the Broncos into one of the worst teams in the league and the division.

They were the first team eliminated from playoff contention in the AFC West this year.

Not to go Jeff Foxworthy on everyone but . . .

You know you're in trouble if Raider fans are pointing and laughing at your coaching selection.

You know you're in trouble if Raider fans are laughing at your roster changes.

You know you're in trouble if you are drafting more busts than the Raiders.

You know you're in trouble if Tom Cable has a longer coaching career than your teams head coach.

I used to joke that McDaniels was really a spy hired by Al Davis to destroy the Broncos. I'm not sure if that is true or not, but if it is then "Mission Accomplished."

Can you imagine the Broncos today if McDaniels wasn't hired? We wouldn't be talking about the Chiefs or Raiders in the playoff race.

Jay Cutler would be throwing the ball to Brandon Marshall and Peyton Hillis would be dominating run defenses like he is doing now.

McDaniels was the type of coach who knew what it took to lose and he did a good job of doing it. He trades a first round pick to get a short cornerback who he gets rid of the year after.

He trades a running back who will most likely make they pro bowl this year for a quarterback who is third string on his roster this year.

He panics and trades too many picks to the Ravens just so he can draft Tim Tebow in the first round.

He fell in love with Tebow and just as I predicted before the season started, he will never get coac...

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