Johnnie Lee Higgins Has Earned the Right To Play in Oakland

Lost in the mix of hypemen such as Bruce Gradkowski, Darren McFadden and Chaz Schilens is the Raiders statistically best Wide Receiver, fourth year pro Johnnie Lee Higgins.

In his entire career Higgins has made one critically unforgivable mistake we'll call "Weddlegate."

Despite the electrifying returns, deceptive speed, and skill that made him a star and clearly the best Raider WR in 2008, Higgins has remained in the doghouse of the ever incompetent Tom Cable and consequently Raider Nation.

Higgins was just as responsible for the Raiders late season emergence in 2009 as Bruce Almighty was, reeling in clutch catch after clutch down the stretch in games vs. the Steelers, Redskins, Kansas City and Baltimore.

Higgins amassed 15 catches in these games despite taking as little as five snaps in an entire game!

I would venture to say that Higgins plays the least amount of snaps of any of the regular receivers. Johnathan Holland gets more respect and he has never done ANYTHING.

Higgins languishes in Cable's proverbial "doghouse" according to fans even with his high efficiency. When Higgins is in the game, things happen. He has an uncanny ability to get open.

He occasionally comes up with the circus catches in traffic despite once getting rocked by the Chargers Eric Weddle, who is grossly underrated.

Coach Cable has been in my doghouse for sometime as most of you know. His incompetence pervades the entire Nation and he doesn't have a clue what he is doing with the offensive line. When Cable was recently asked who was going to be the No. 3 WR now that Chaz Schilens is out his answer was basically "I don't know."

Cable had better find out soon before he follows he wayward protege out the door by midseason.

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