John Henderson: Training Camp Body in Oakland or Run Stopper We Need?

Oakland, in an interesting pickup, brought in John Henderson, a 31 year old veteran who was let go from the Jaguars earlier this offseason.

At first glance, this looks more like a simple pickup, give a cup of coffee and then release him in the crowd of players during the preseason. Oakland has had question marks on players like Donovin Darius, who was picked up in January but gone in the late preseason cuts.

However, some think there are possibilities for Henderson to not only stay, but contribute. Looking at his stats, getting dNicerafted in 2002 as the ninth player overall taken, he's picked up 29 Sacks and 38 pass deflections. By the numbers, he could help along the line, keeping opposing players honest, but as well staying home in case a running back tries to shoot through the line.

For some, a player without multiple abilities is a liability....but one thing is certain, Oakland needs to stop the run.

I'd say plant this guy in the middle, and let a few players bounce off of him and into the arms of Rolando McClain.

Either way, he'll be able to help the club as a camp body and the Raiders, if they cut him, won't be on the tab for any big money.


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