John Henderson: Oakland Raiders Serious About Defensive Power

Okay, just when you thought the Raiders had taken care of stuffing the run they go out and get another defensive play-maker.

Yes Raider fans, the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis have gone out and signed pro bowler John Henderson! John Henderson is a massive 6'7", 335 lb DT!! I realize that his performance has dropped in recent years but regardless, if he grabs ahold of you he will stop you and this is what the Oakland Raiders need. A huge defensive front is just what the doctor ordered.

With nine years experience, John Henderson can only add to the power of the front line as he makes a complimentary bookend to Richard Seymour. he doesnt have the speed but he has the girth and this will make the run up the middle virtually nil to offenses (particularly SD) around the NFL.

The Raiders now have a frontline consisting of Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, Matt Shaughnessy, John Henderson and bring in the brick wall to complete it.

Now,  add the speed and presence of a Rolando McClain and the secondary of Asomugha and Johnson, this defense is beginning to be pretty solid and should really top the defensive ranks. In fact there are many naysayers when it comes to discussing the Raiders, yet the Raiders have done a great job building this team and it looks like they are going to be playoff contenders this season.

The next factor of course is keeping the offense on the field, but as many of you have noticed, the O-line is much improved. So can the Raiders return to playoff contention?

So far the answer appears to be a solid YES! The 2010 season will be exciting and I expect there to be some great games this season for the Silver and Black. I would predict Henderson to avg at least 1 sack a game provided the coaches work with him. Im sure they will

Once again I have to say 9-7 easily.

Welcome to Oakland John Henderson!

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