Joe Theismann: Jason Campbell Gets It, JaMarcus Russell Doesn’t And Never Will

JaMarcus Russell is one of the most criticized players in the NFL. He is a former number one draft pick who has failed to produce and develop in his first three years. It's safe to say that Russell cannot catch a break from all his criticism.

The latest example of this criticism is from a quarterback who may have had the most famous break of all time, Joe Theismann. The former Redskin believes the Raiders should pursue another former Redskin, Jason Campbell.

He was very up front in his belief that Russell doesn't get it, and that Campbell does in his latest interview on Sirius Radio.

"I can tell you conclusively that JaMarcus Russell never will be able to play QB in the National Football League. He just doesn't get it."

He also went on to say that Russell is too big and inaccurate. While these words may not hit harder than Lawrence Taylor coming from your blindside, they are still pretty strong words.

Theismann is campaigning for Campbell, and thinks he would be better suited to be the quarterback of the Oakland Raiders.

What he may not realize is that the Redskins were an East Coast version of the Oakland Raiders.

They have an impatient owner who has no idea how to build a team in today's NFL, and likes to dish out big contracts to free agents that rarely work out.

Campbell handled himself like a professional and he prepared like one in Washington. He also "gets it" according to Theismann. The reality of the situation is that whether he got it or not, he got replaced by the same guy who was supposed to replace Russell.

The Raiders biggest issue is the offensive line which was also one of the Redskins biggest issues. The Raiders must improve in that area if they want any quarterback to be successful.

We have yet to see Russell play well, but we also haven't seen him play behind a solid offensive line or with solid wide rece...

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