Joe Theismann and The Idiot Box: How Does a Shoe Taste, Joe?

Of all the things the media have said in the last few seasons, how many have had you say bias is rampant in the media?

Too many to count.

A recent piece of verbal vomit, coughed up a couple days ago, leaked onto Yahoo! and then down the front of the NFL Blogs section, that needs to be addressed.

Joe Theismann, this one is for you.

First and foremost, I'm sure deep down Joe is not that stupid. He went to college. He won a Super Bowl against the Dolphins, and then got cold-clocked by the Raiders the following Super Bowl.

And who can forget the pretzel play, served on him by the Giants' Lawrence Taylor.

Now, he comes full circle and wants to tell everyone what is obviously known:

"JaMarcus just doesn’t get it."

OK, this logic was known awhile back, considering such memorable incidents like forgetting what play was just called, what color your team wears, and that you aren't supposed to throw to the other team.

But then, Joe has a mental lapse...probably forgiven, considering how badly his team was mauled in the Super Bowl:

"Because I can tell you conclusively that JaMarcus Russell will never be able to play quarterback in the National Football League."

Really? Joe, can you explain where you were the last three seasons? JaMarcus has played those last three seasons. Not well, mind you, but he has played.

There is a difference between playing and not playing. Marques Tuiasosopo did not play, save for about two games in his career. JaMarcus Russell has played in the NFL.

Now, the other issue at play here is how Joe came across this sudden knowledge. Has he been watching from a tree in Arizona? Has he been allowed into Oakland's training area? Another unnamed source spying from the inside of Raider 101?

More than likely, Joe overheard a comment from Michael Lombardi and then ran with it.

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders