Jeff Fisher to the Oakland Raiders: Why This Move Makes Sense

Jeff Fisher continues to make headlines as the most likely candidate for every available coaching position in the NFL. There has been analysis as to why he is so great, and there has been analysis as to why he isn't so great. Ultimately, he will find a new home as the new head coach of an NFL franchise, and until then we will speculate about where that will be. 

Today, the Oakland Raiders made a somewhat surprising move and fired coach Hue Jackson. Jackson had one season as Raiders head coach, and most analysts would say he did a reasonable job. The Raiders finished 8-8 on the season, and were in the division race until the last game of the year. They significantly fell off toward the end of the season, losing four out of their last five game, but they had reason to be optimistic heading into the offseason. 

Jackson took responsibility for the team missing the playoffs, and his end-of-season speech was relatively inspiring. After losing the final game of the season, he said this in his post game press conference:


I'm going take a stronger hand in this whole team, this whole organization. There's no way that I'm going to feel like I feel today a year from now. I promise you that. There's no question. Defensively, offensively and special teams. I'm not feeling like this no more. This is a joke.

Regardless of how this offseason would have played out for the Raiders, it is irrelevant now that they are in the search for a new head coach. 

Cue Jeff Fisher.

Of course we are going to talk about Fisher and yet another coaching vacancy. The difference between this job, though, and the jobs in Miami and St. Louis, is the fact that I feel this is the best opportunity for Fisher to succeed. 

First, looking at the Miami head coaching gig, I just don't get the feeling they are what Fisher is looking for. They don't...

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