Jason Campbell: With JaMarcus Russell Cut, This is What You’ve Been Waiting For

With JaMarcus Russell being released, no one is happier than new Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell.

He may not be happy about the demise of a fellow NFL quarterback's career, but he must be excited about what kind of opportunity opens up to him due to this move by the Oakland Raiders franchise.

For the first time, it is another quarterback getting the rumors of being traded or released due to Campbell's presence instead of vice versa. For the first time, it is another quarterback who is being shipped out due to Campbell's presence instead of vice versa.

Yes, the Raiders have made a statement that though they have not invested a lot in Campbell financially, they are going to put their faith in him going into the 2010 and 2011 seasons, and hopefully for Campbell, the future.

This is the kind of loyalty Jason Campbell has wanted in a franchise since being drafted in 2005. Since being a Washington Redskin, Campbell has been the point of blame from not just D.C. media, but also the franchise as well.

Which makes you ask the question, why draft Campbell in the first place?

On the contrary, the Raiders put their support in Russell completely, only to have Russell hold-out his rookie year, play inconsistently in his second, and making the franchise the laughing stock of the NFL in his third. I think his release says a lot about the kind of person Russell is, as not just the coaching staff and front office gave up on him, but his number one supporter in Al Davis as well.

In the 2009 offseason, Campbell was consistently rumored to be replaced by then-Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. When that did not come to fruition, the Redskins did not confirm or deny their role in pursuing rookie and now-New York Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

More recently, Campbell had to deal with the Redskins successful acquisition of Donovan McNabb, ironically the Oakland Raiders being the ru...

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