Jason Campbell: Something To Look Forward To, Oakland Raiders!

Jason Campbell is the guy Oakland is depending on to move "from the red to the black" in victories and franchise value.

When an accountant says you are "in the red," it means you have less money than you have debt. That type of labeling could easily be applied to the win-loss record for the Oakland Raiders. If you look at the 2009 5-11 record and subtract the two numbers, you get a negative six, which means we were definitely "in the red."

Our team is in the red because we have more losses than wins. The 411 on this matter is that we have selected a player who now will wear black, and it is hoped that he will put the Oakland Raiders "in the black."

In other words, we expect more wins than losses to turn the record upside down.

Is there something to look forward to? You betcha!

Campbell had a completion record of more than 64 percent in 2009 and an overall completion record during his four year career at 28 years old of 61.2 percent.

In the 52 games he has played in with the Redskins there were 55 touchdowns. That's almost a touchdown for each game, theoretically.

In so many ways things can go from red to black.

For example, when someone blushes sometimes their face turns red. When someone is hurting, again, the redness is an indication of discomfort or pain.

One more year of data like the past seven years with the Oakland Raiders and the faces of the Raider Nation would be flush and red with disappointment and maybe even rage.

Now there is something to hope for and something to look forward to.

Go Raiders!

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