Jason Campbell Says Hue Jackson Talks ‘Good’ Smack

Tom Cable and Hue Jackson are getting the Oakland Raiders worked up during the offseason.

Jason Campbell seems to feel that the coaches are working the team so hard that the actual games are going to be "slow for you."

That's like a guy driving a car at 150 mph during practice and then being in an actual game and finding that he only needs to drive himself 100 mph to get over and win the game.

Campbell said in a recent interview that Hue Jackson "talks a lot of smack." Well, the smack that Jackson is talking is "good smack."

Jackson wants the best out of the young players and he knows how to fire them up.

Confidence is being built up in the team. Quite frankly, seven years of dragging behind in the ranks can get some players down in the dumps.

Cable emphasizes the need to learn how to play with great confidence. He is stressing the importance of ball security. Taking care of the ball is what Cable wants the players to do.

Cable, Jackson and the other coaches are working hard to build up the players' "football character" and "football IQ." 

Building "football character" can mean that what you want to do in the game, you are actually able to execute during the game. There is an alignment between what you need to do and what you do out there in an actual game.

Football character also, in the opinion of this writer, is a type of integrity. What you assert that you can bring to the team, you actually are disciplined, focused, and intelligent enough to make it happen.

What is the result of a strong football character and football IQ?

Effective plays, efficient plays and routes, resulting in more touchdowns and field goals.

Campbell's positive outlook

Campbell is adding a positive outlook to the team because he even  shared this type of comment with the former quarterback, "Don't let anything get you...

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